Saturday, May 2, 2015

Yesod b'Netzach

What do bonding and endurance have to do with each other? More specifically how do we find bonding in endurance? It was not very obvious to me. I kept thinking about endurance in bonding. When we are bonded together we can endure almost anything, no one can dispute that. I think that we sometimes also bond over the ideas of endurance in our lives. The endurance in this case is a collection of our habits, our rituals. If you're a person who runs regularly and generally sticks to the same route, you've probably developed a connection, a bond to most of the things you see on your path. Likewise, if you frequent a coffeeshop or dog park you have likely bonded with those you have met there. If you are enduring in your commitments in life you can develop many new relationships and strengthen others. For me this is the essence of yesod b'netzach, bonding in endurance.

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