Sunday, April 5, 2015

Chesed b'Chesed

On tonight the first night of the Omer, I am reflecting on what Chesed b'Chesed is. That is to say what is "loving-kindness" of "loving-kindness"? Is this the comsic karma that everyone refers to? Is it the idea of pay it forward? I think not. Loving and kindness. Two things that share some of the same emotions on occasion but are different. On today we get to reflect on both aspects from a richer perspective that we might not have otherwise. We are taught that love is something that is unconditional. Something that should be given freely. In most faith traditions you are taught to love thy neighbor as thyself. I wonder how often do we stop to love ourselves? Acts of loving kindness need to start there. This is by no means meant to read as start being selfish but rather spend the time doing things that will enrich yourself. Make sure to spend your time showing gratitude towards another person. Smile. Laugh. Dance. Sing. Doing one of these things for someone else has an effect on ourselves as well. By showing loving-kindness to someone else we are doing the same for ourselves at the same time. With that I will start first. Thank you Amanda Katherine Weiss for this challenge. I don't think I will finish all 49 days due to the traveling that I have going on, but I will be more thoughtful on these ideals between now and Shavuot. Thank you Jake Velleman and Matthew Kramer-Morning for the beginning to what has been a very special Passover observance so far. Zach Kosinski, thanks for being there and being so supportive. Cara Behneman, you are such an incredible supervisor and mentor. I look up to you everyday and learn so much about how to be an educator and role model. I could go on an on about those people in my life who have been such a strong influence like Sue KlapperJohn FratianniMolly TobinMolly MatthewsJo-Ellen UngerMichelle Brownstein Horowitz,Amanda GrossSheila Katz, among many many others. But I leave you with this video. Watch it, thank someone, and pass the video on. I love you all!

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