Sunday, April 26, 2015

Malchut b'Tiferet

Leonard Bernstein was a great composer and conductor. When I think of malchut b'tiferet I think of the conductors, CEOs, and heads of state. Sovereignty and leadership in harmony and compassion is exemplified by the people a leader surrounds themselves with. A pyramid is only as strong as the blocks used to build it. The same is true of any organization, company, orchestra, or any other group. It's not just about the team working together to accomplish a common goal. It's also about the drive to be the best, to continually challenge each other. To push each other further, always bettering themselves. You need someone to challenge you, to not settle for mediocre. To be the best means to compete against the best and be surrounded by the best. Sometimes you need a leader who is a little unorthodox to get you to that point of success. You always need a leader with a vision if you want to succeed, however, never be afraid to challenge that vision. A good leader needs to be challenged and should welcome that. If they don't then how can they really be the best?

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