Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Tiferet b'Gevurah

The harmony and compassion of discipline and restraint. These topics are so related musically but do they relate so simply in Judaism? I think that the true harmony and compassion that you experience from discipline and restraint is about learning to ask questions. This might be a strange concept. After all, what does asking questions have to do with harmony, compassion, discipline, and restraint? EVERYTHING!

When you ask questions you take time to understand those around you. Creating constructive conflict allows productive relationships to be built. Taking the time to dig beyond the surface gets you so far in studying texts and subjects, why would people be different? There is also a natural order to the questions that you ask. For a long calculus problem you wouldn't jump to asking the slope of the curve of the second derivative as it rotates around the z-axis without finding the second derivative first. Same with people. You start with small questions to build a rapport because asking deeper, more personal questions that might leave someone vulnerable. With asking asking you must also learn to not ask questions. If you are always asking the questions then you never leave the opportunity for the others to do the same. You are depriving them of the same chance to grow and develop. Not only that but how do they get to know you? It's finding the balance in the concept be interested, not interesting. Knowing that you must fulfill and be fulfilled.

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