Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Netzach b'Gevurah

Endurance, discipline, and restraint combine as the recipe for a winner. Learning to withstand the elements is a part of allowing us continue surviving in the battle that we call life. In the battle we fight against the need for money, love, and passion. We remember the tortoise, it won the race not because it was the fastest but because it took the race the most seriously. We too must take our lives as a sacred journey that must take seriously. There will be bumpy roads along the way but with the endurance that we learn from discipline, restraint, and love. Continual learning and inspiration from those around is one of the ways that we replenish ourselves during this journey. That however also implies that it is on us to replenish those around us. That could be as simple as moving to a bigger table to make sure that no one eats alone or taking the effort to talk with someone who is struggling with something and helping them to realize they shouldn't quit. No matter the circumstance, persistence and determination with a smile can work literal and figurative miracles. When you do this you learn to support and uplift your community.

Learning to support one another is the greatest strength that you can have. May it keep you dancing all night long, and may you continue to invite others to dance with you.

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