Friday, April 10, 2015

Malchut b'Chesed

I will admit that I looked ahead and was trying to think a little about today's topic in advance. One I was first casually thinking about the topic I was thinking about the ideas of bravery and courage to act first as the way malchut (sovereignty and leadership) related to chesed (loving-kindness) and I will. However I also feel inspired to talk about how malchut b'chesed really is our ability to inspire and guide. I'll be brief because I feel that sometimes less it more. I think about John Mayer's "Waiting on the World to Change." He says

"One day our generation 
Is gonna rule the population 
So we keep on waiting 
Waiting on the world to change"

You can already see how the tides of social norms are changing. Our generation believes that if we stand up for justice and what's right others will be inspired to do the same. Look at the marches, rallies, and petitions that we start. The social justice non-profits and start-ups that are being created every year. I've included a couple below that I find inspiring. Check them out!

Shethinx- An organization that benefits young women in Africa so they can finish their education. I saw the founder speak in NYC back in September. Thinx is committed to reimagining feminine hygiene so that menstruation doesn't become a hindrance to education. 

Free Rice- I first found this organization's website in college through StumbleUpon. (Horribly timewasting) The premise of this website is that you answer trivia questions to donate food to people across the world who suffer from hunger. This organization cares about education and hunger, who doesn't support that. 

UNICEF Tap Project- This project is really a great challenge for us. I actually which I posted this before the Chagim/Shabbat started. By not using your phone for 15 minutes you provide 1 day of clean water to a child in need. In a day and age where we struggle to find a balance to productivity and over-dependence on technology here is a chance to do some good with your phone. Leave it on this website for a portion of Shabbat. Disconnect from your phone and connect with someone. Better yet, invite that someone to participate in the challenge with you. That's how inspiration works. 

I leave you with this:

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