Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Tiferet b'Chesed

Harmony and compassion. When I first thought about this topic I was going to write about my day and how nice it was. Which I will a little bit but I also have a few other things to share. I also feel that I would be remiss if I didn't make a reference to music. After all harmony is in the root of the ideals for today.

First let's look at my day. I spent today in Wisconsin at Opening Day for the Brewers. It was my first opening day and trip to Wisconsin, a lot of new things. Tailgating in WI is like nothing I have ever experienced. The people were so nice and warm it was like a scene from a movie. Aside from the fact that there were few people of color that I encountered during the experience you could see everyone cohabiting in harmony. I got to meet many new people and experience several new things and all with strangers. Their warmth and compassion was something that made me feel special and a part of their community. This compassion was shared by everyone, even when there was a fight it ended with a hug. Only in Wisconsin!

Second I wanted to talk about music. Why? Because I love it! There is a piece by Bedřich Smetana called "Vltava (Má vlast)".  This piece will sound very familiar to any who listen to it. The melody for our precious "Hatikvah" comes from it. Not only that but if you listen closely to it you can hear several different aspects of our Jewish story in it. Fear. Love. Compassion. Strength. Harmony. In this song I hear the plight of the Jews as they are constantly forced from one land to another. I hear the skipping of the children as they play outside in a field. I hear the calling of a lover to their beloved and the running of said beloved toward home. The lullabies for children that offer them protection.

When we live in harmony there is compassion. When we are compassionate there is harmony. May this day be filled with love and joy, harmony and compassion. I offer you this song so that you can have some of that. It's long but well worth the length.


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