Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Tiferet b'Tiferet

Harmony and compassion of harmony of compassion. I think about the Jewish prayer Mi Shebeirach, specifically I will be referring to the Debbie Friedman Reform melody. This prayer is one for healing. To me there is something super meaningful and powerful in coming together as a community and uniting for a cause. We share the names aloud or to ourselves and then join our voices together to heal our loved ones and the loved ones of our community. How beautiful is that? There is something to be said of cacophony. Although this term is used to mean sounds that conflict and aren't pleasant sounding I want to offer a different perspective. Everyone individual sounds coming together under the same need and desire creates such a beautiful melody that no one can ignore it. Sometimes we focus to much on traditional standards of beauty to appreciate the nuance of difference.

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