Saturday, April 18, 2015

Yesod b'Gevurah

Bonding in discipline and restraint. When I think of today I think of pottery and camping. In both of these activities you are required to practice discipline and restraint in order to create. With pottery you add water to clay/dirt to spin and mold. Without the proper discipline or restraint it will be a dud or unusuable. The same holds true for camping. Without people coming together you will not have a functioning campground. If everyone works independently and doesn't display discipline and restraint  you can't bond together. When you build a campfire you allow people to connect. You allow them to bond over the discipline of silence. Sometimes you need to sing songs around the fire and restrain yourself for others to be heard as well. Sometimes you need to sit there and watch the fire and you bond over the embers burning and enjoy the silence. Silence is bonding. Silence is discipline. Silence is restraint.

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